WETHOD follows a weekly cycle: we think that a week is a good trade-off between the need to control the project’s progress as much as possible and the need to not burden the control activities.

Every Friday an e-mail will remind:

  • Each project manager to compile the Project Status for its projects;

  • Each collaborator to compile the Timesheet for the projects he worked on.


Remember to insert only the real worked hours, cheating isn’t useful to anybody. The data inserted here will be used to determine the actual budget consumption in terms of working hours for each project.

Weekly (default)

At the end of each week, type in here the actual hours you have spent working on the projects you are involved in. It’s all really easy, fast and simple.

Each project can be pinned to find it faster later.

If you want a more fine-grained control you can enable the Daily mode, this way you can input hours day by day.


This kind of Timesheet allows you to:

  • Compile timesheet day by day

  • Do timesheet on a singular project’s area. The project areas will be the same as listed in the project’s budget.

  • Specify between normal working hours, travel hours, overnight shifts or overtime.

  • Save notes for project’s area.

To get a quick resume about the hours distribution in the week, you just need to click on the “Hours/Week” counter.

You can enable this type of timesheet from company settings.


When you delete an area from a project’s budget, it’s timesheet’s hours and notes are assigned to the “Generic” timesheet’s area.


Timesheet is automatically compiled on Sundays, based on Planning.

To use this type of timesheet: Go to “Company” from your profile, then select “Timesheet” and choose option “Automatic”.

Project Status

At the end of each week, the project manager estimates the workdays left to finish the project and inserts this number here.

Project Status must not be compiled looking at Timesheet, but thinking seriously about how much work still to be done.

This page shows by default a list of all the projects you are managing in your company. On the top-right corner, click on “As account” to filter the list with the project where you are in charge as account or “All” to see all of the projects in your company.

The list of projects is divided into groups by the type of project status:

  • “Workdays to complete,” whether to declare the workdays left to complete a project.
  • “Completed percentage,” whether to declare the percentage of progress of the project.
  • “Auto,” whether the project status is automatic.

Set preferences in Settings > Company > Job Order Categories > Project status.

Current production vs production plan of the month

For each project, Wethod shows the production status. It compares the current production (based on the project status) with the production planned for the current month.

Edit project status by area

Click on “Edit by area” to open a window and edit the status for each of the areas (or phases) of the project, following the areas listed in the budget. The project status of the previous week is shown too, this way you can quickly compare the phase’s progress.

Status of the project’s risk

For each project, it is possible to edit the status of risk on a weekly basis. Based on permission settings, it is possible to edit the status labels and colour from the settings page page.

Budget consumption status, production trend and project details.

Click on the right arrow to access more details on the status of the project’s budget consumption, the production plan trend, the days already planned for the future and other details.