Getting Started

Warm Up

Visit to create your team and get a 14 days free trial, we don’t force you to insert a credit card and you can take advantage of our tutorial.

Setup Your Company

By clicking on your initials (in the top right corner), the Settings menu will be shown and you can select the Company section to configure your team.

Now you can invite your team members by visiting the Team section.

Here we are, you are ready to start!

The Workflow

  1. Add a project to your Pipeline;

  2. Provide a Budget for the project;

  3. Assign people to the project by using the Planning;

  4. Every Friday an e-mail will remind:

    1. Each project manager to compile the Project Status for its projects;

    2. Each collaborator to compile the Timesheet for the projects he worked on.

When you want to check the status of your projects, just visit the Reports section: we take care of aggregating the data for you, just sit down and get ready to feel the power of knowledge.

The beating heart of WETHOD is the Dashboard: a customizable set of widgets that you can use to be constantly updated on the relevant information about the projects that you care about the most.