The Desk is your private space and your favorite place. Here you can find a set of utilities and widgets all for you.


This box collects all the items that were assigned to you in any boards. You can scroll through them, search by item name and mark them as completed without going to the dedicated page. If this box is empty try to add a column “Member” in a board and set yourself as “Activity’s assignee”


Here are all your favorite pages, they works like browser bookmarks: just visit the a page and click on the ‘Add section to Pinboard’ icon on the section header. Beware: not all sections can be added to your favorites list.

Personal Files

Here you can manage your personal files i.e. files that are not directly linked to a project but you want to always keep handy.


This widget shows all your alerts with a description of the inconsistency, hurry up and fix them. You can se the Alerts section to have a better understand of what is going on.


Here you have a list of all the expired invoices or that have due date this month. You can click directly on one invoice to go to the Invoice section and save it.

Intercompany Activity

Keep an eye on intercompany activities, whether an invitation to an intercompany project is pending or has been accepted by a supplier in your group.