Profit & Loss


This page provides an overview of the budgetary slippages between a company’s projected revenues and its expenses, as well as its budget target over a given period of time. The three columns budget, forecast 1 and forecast 2 can be used to set the company’s financial goals for each quarter of the year.

The column budget in the revenues row is used to set the revenues’ target for the company, which is used in the widget Revenue Clock and in the report Production Value.

If business units are enabled for your company:

  • You can define a target for each business unit
  • Using the “all” filter you can see the total target, which is the sum of all business units’ targets. This target is not editable


If you switch off business units you lose all targets linked to them.

Below, you can see how much your company has earned or has lost during each month of the current year.

This data is obtained by subtracting from the revenues of all the costs faced by the company. The costs can be of various kinds:

We provide you with two subtotal in order to better understand the final value of profit & loss for the company:

  • Gross margin: revenues without the external costs
  • Contribution margin: gross margin without payroll


A number in parenthesis represents a cost which is being subtracted from the number right above it.

All the numbers here are provided in thousands (K).


If your company is part of a group, intercompany revenues and external costs are automatically removed from this view.