Discover WETHOD

What It Is

WETHOD is the online tool to manage people and projects in a collaborative way. We aim to make the project management simple, distributing the responsibilities among all the team members and reducing stress derived from projects organization.

The result is a deeply integrated system that manages all the information which are essential for a project-oriented company: budget, planning, timesheet and activity report.

This enables WETHOD to create a system where everybody collaborate and keep information up to date, a system that rewards who done well and warns the others.

What It Needs

Just few elements are needed in order to get things working:

The responsibility of updating each of these elements is shared among all the team members, avoiding any unnecessary administrative burden.

What You Get

A lot of information could be extracted, weekly and automatically, from the few data you’ve entered in WETHOD:

  • Revenue forecast vs target revenue;

  • Projects condition;

  • Production value;

  • Productivity analysis by project;

  • Detailed profitability analysis by projects and by linked projects;

  • Invoice plan;

  • Financial balance analysis;

  • Aggregate projects views, augmented with financial statements and planned resources;

  • Much more!

Thanks to its crystal clear system, week after week, month after month, WETHOD highlights people that are contributing the most to the success of the group and at the same time shows problems or inefficiencies – allowing you to react.

About This Guide

The content of this guide is organized as the WETHOD app sections so, to make your searches as profitable as possible, you’ve different ways to follow:

  • Use the search field: click on the magnifier in the top right corner and just input what you are looking for;

  • If you are interested in a specific section, use the side menu to find it;

  • If our explanation doesn’t fit for you:

    • Use the FAQ section to find popular questions about WETHOD or make a new one;

    • Send us an email at, we’ll answer you as soon as possible.